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Shop By Fit With Yetee - Blog Post

Shop By Fit With Yetee.

With this post, we are proud to announce the birth of a Yetee. Unlike the elusive beast that lives in the mountains, this one has a very particular purpose. Yetee is an e-commerce platform that allows men to buy clothes online based on their body measurements, and style preferences. Basically, it’s all about fit

Imagine going to a store, and everything you saw fit. New styles and brands curated just for you. No need for returns based on fit. No more fear of the wrong size. A place where the only thing that mattered was you. From the founders of Yetee, we welcome you gentlemen to a truly personalized shopping experience.

At Yetee we are setting goals we think can improve menswear e-commerce. 

    • #ShopByFit. To do this we need your measurements. This allows our algorithm to sort clothes according to you and your preferences. This means hassle free personalized shopping. No more noise, just things that fit.
    • Fashion Focus. As we focus on fit, we also want to educate our customers about best practices, outfit pairings, style types, and dressing for the occasion. 
    • Discovery. Users can discover new and classic brands, trending items, and the latest in menswear. Find brands ideal for your body type.
    • Sustainability in Mind. The fashion industry has a big impact on the environment. But we can make the process of buying clothes online more efficient. We start by using recyclable and plant based shipping materials, and reducing returns based on fit.

To accomplish these fit goals, we need your help. Register and spread the word about us. If you don’t like something, tell us about it. The reason why every website isn’t like ours, because it’s hard to do right. So tell the guy you know whose pants are usually too tight at the thighs, the guy whose arms are longer than most, and even the guy who’s so muscular it only seems like he wears tank tops.As we grow and continue to improve our platform by focusing on fit, we hope to make your experience a little bit better. #shopbyfit





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