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Get The Right Fit - Blog Post

Get The Right Fit.

When you’re shopping for clothes online, how do you know what fits? At Yetee, this is one of our primary focuses. By providing Yetee with your measurements and fit preferences, we can filter our catalogue to determine what garments suit you best. So while sizing isn’t standardized, and every brand is built differently, our solution is to frame menswear into a basic understanding of three things: style, ease, and fit. 

Yetee organizes style into ten distinctive categories ranging from the always suits kind-of-guy, to the always sweatpants kind-of-guy. At the end of registration, users are given a style summary that places them into three styles categories. This helps Yetee refine the content personalized to each user.

Since each garment type is worn differently, each includes their own set of eases. These eases regulate the allowance around each body measurement for the garment to fit as intended. 

Fit is broken down into five levels: super slim, slim, regular, relaxed, and baggy. This attribute determines how clothing looks on your body. Using the Tee Shirt as an example, a measurement such as the circumference of the chest will determine how tight or loose the shirt will look. If the user prefers a super slim fit, the ease will be low; meaning less leeway around the body. If the user prefers a baggy fit, the ease is greater with larger clothes recommended to the user. To help, take a look at these examples.


Super slim is the tightest you want to go if you want to breathe. But let’s not force this fit, as it can be uncomfortable. For that extra tightness, try tucking in your shirt, or rolling up your sleeves.



Slim feels snug, but leaves just enough room to move around. Generally suits should be slim to regular fit, perfectly displayed by these gentlemen right here.



The Regular fit is ideal for the everyday guy. Clothing fits appropriately, not tight, just right. To exemplify this regular fit, is a not so regular man, Pharrell Williams.



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In essence, a Relaxed fit is exactly how it sounds, relaxed. Larger than a regular fit, this look must be intentional and consistent. Mixing fits doesn’t always pan out.



As you can imagine, a baggy fit is much looser. Oftentimes one to three sizes above normal, depending on the brand. This fit is generally reserved for people who are accustomed to taking risks with fashion.



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There are many ways to determine the right fit, but for us, it’s about style categories, measurement eases, and fit level. We’ve formulated this into an algorithm, so all you need to do is register. As we mature, our platform will become more sophisticated, and better tailored to our users. Characterize your style by staying consistent with fit. Stay true to yourself, dress for the occasion, be confident, comfortable, clean, and don’t be afraid to try something new. #ShopbyFit.



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