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Defining Men’s Style.

There’s drip, and then there’s swag. There’s style, and then there’s steeze. Some say fire, some say cool. Defining style will always be a different story, no matter who you ask. But if we are being honest about things, a lot of guys just don’t think about it. For some men, style is an afterthought because they don’t know where to start. 


Take the basic white Tee Shirt for example. It can be worn in many ways. You can wear it tight, loose, layered, distressed, crisp, with a pocket, oversized, in a crewneck, or v-neck. And when you quantify the entire outfit, your style is the sum of the parts.


Yetee determines style using ten style categories. We believe everyone is a mixture of these categories. Over time these styles evolve, but the feeling, mood, and key items keep the category consistent. Like a polo to preppy wear, or a buffalo check button up to the Americana style.


During the Yetee registration process, we ask a series of questions related to what you wear, and how you wear it. In the end, we provide a style summary that illustrates your personal style. It acknowledges that we wear different things for different occasions, so that means everyone’s style tends to dip into multiple categories. With this knowledge, Yetee is able to prioritize the styles you like most upfront, and only display the clothes that fit.


To help visualize our style categories, here are some examples.


Always be Closing (ABC) – Often the salesman, this style is dressed to impress. What better way to start things off than with Ryan Reynolds and The Rock. ABC is simple to identify, but always hard to pull off well. Note the slim fit, even on The Rock. A good suit or tux must fit in the shoulders, and chest. Tailoring blazers, suits, or tuxes is recommended.  



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Americana – It’s all about heritage cuts, workwear, and a utilitarian mindset. This look is brought to you by Jason Momoa and his pals. Note the relaxed fit and the attention to texture.



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Athleisure – If you didn’t know already, Athleisure is athletic x leisure. Sneakers, sweats, and a bit of swag and you’re in. All in all, comfortable. Ready to shoot a three at any time. 



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Euro – This style is European at its core. Generally quite fitted, this style ranges from loud to sophisticated, but always suave.



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Fashion Forward – These experts in style are able to create their own look and push boundaries. Bold dressers like Nick Wooster can magically pull off rare, uncommon combinations and fits. 



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Hipster – Closely related to those in the fashion forward category, Hipsters are more relaxed with a nonchalant demeanour. Sometimes incorporating vintage, this style is also known for pulling off unusual combinations or fits that slide outside of the mainstream.



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Minimalist – As the name suggests, this style is minimal. No flash, just clean simple fashion. Colors are basic, and layering is optional. 



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Man of the People (MOP) – This category is for those who love it all. Depending on the mood or the occasion, this style is for the chameleons. Check out alkarus’ style throughout his account and notice his ever changing style. 



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Preppy – This style category is a healthy mix of ABC, and Euro, inspired by prep school sports and uniforms. Concentrated on sophistication, this look is timeless, and reflective of the upper-class.



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Street – A newer style born out of skate and hip-hop culture, streetwear is exciting and ever evolving. Sometimes baggy, sometimes fitted, streetwear is the widest ranging of all styles.



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Now that you have a better visual of what each style category entails, it’ll be easier to create your own style or adhere to a category. Style is your combination, with your personal spin on things. While some people like to stand out and be more adventurous, some prefer the classics. No matter what you choose, go out into the world confident, comfortable, and clean.


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