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Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge


We were pretty thrilled when we cracked the top 200 earlier this year, but now we’ve made it to the top 50 and we’re ecstatic! Our focus is to get past the next round of cuts narrowing the list to the top six. This challenge was a call out to all entrepreneurs working to make a positive change in the fashion industry. In a short, we have a few goals that we want to tackle. We want to make e-commerce sustainable long term, reduce returns based on fit, and help men dress better by focusing on fit.


We understand that e-commerce isn’t going away, and there’s plenty of ways to make it better. Besides speed of service, e-commerce has been virtually unchanged since the beginning. Shipping with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials is just the first step for us. Calculating our carbon footprint and understanding how to reduce or offset it, is the next step. We intend to work with international and local sustainable ventures / charities, and push forth better practices. We also aim to feature the most sustainable brands of any e-commerce platform, and advocate for more sustainable practices in the fashion industry overall.


The core of our business addresses the number one reason for online clothing returns, fit. We want our Shop by Fit technology to be the standard in fashion e-commerce so people never buy the wrong size again. Using technology solutions like this will curb bad habits like bracketing (buying multiple sizes, and returning what doesn’t fit). In general, customers want an efficient solution, a place where returns are preventable, and offers products that fit them. We believe that removing the fear of getting the wrong size (and not having to return anything), and enabling Shop by Fit will enhance the overall experience of buying clothes online. This also has the potential to create more brand loyalty once customers find their brand.


As we all know, each brand make clothes differently and sizing isn’t standardized. With the abundance of great brands in the world, we know there are brands out there making clothes that fit you. We just want to make the connection. Our solution is a long term play. Once registered you’ll never need to read a size chart again. Because that 190cm, 83kg model that wears a medium, doesn’t mean much when you’re not that.


If we wish for the world to be a better place, it’s up to us to make it happen. Winning this challenge will be a blessing and a great boost to our efforts. Winners of this challenge are provided with mentoring and financial support from Mr. Tommy Hilfiger himself. It will allow us to create a buzz, justify our concept, and put us in front of people who are able to push the word for Yetee. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, wish us luck!

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